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Goldfish Tumor Removal Surgery
By Kathy

In June 2005, I had the privilege of attending a wet lab in Portland, Oregon taught by none other then "Doc J", Dr. Erik Johnson himself of Ga. His assistants, Vicky Vaughn, University of Georgia, best known for her work with KHV in Koi and maker of tri-cide neo and Dr. Tim Morgan-Miller of Oregon State University.

After the wet lab was over, Participants where invited to stay and watch a tumor removal by Doc J on a fancy goldfish, to be exact, a very nice Oranda. Below are the pictures of the surgery. The Oranda' was put to sleep with oil of clove.

Doc J adding a bit more clove oil mixture:

A Close up of the tumor:

Removing Scales and trimming skin back away from the tumor:

While surgery is underway, another wet lab participant assisted Doc by flushing oil of clove & water mix over the gills.

Luckily the tumor didn't run deep as some can into the muscle tissue and is easily removed. Almost done!

A couple of close up's of the wound:

Recovery: Fresh water and O2 after a iodine swab on the open wound.

The surgery took around a hour to accomplish and the big guy recovered quickly from the anesthetic. His owner was instructed to keep a eye on the wound and treat as needed. Doc felt the tumor may/may not come back, but if it did the owner could remove it herself easily. He packaged the tumor up for a biopsy regardless to see if it was malignant or non malignant.

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