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Quick Reference: Goldfish Illness
By Liv

When you see signs that your goldfish may be ill, make sure you check the water and correct any problems before medicating. Visit GAB's sick fish forum for more help.

You an also see the following GAB Articles: Diagnosing by Symptoms and Ingredients in Over-the-Counter Fish Medicines.


General Symptoms: Flashing (rubbing against objects in the tank), difficulty breathing, spots or changes in slimecoat.

Treatment: Treat the whole tank as the parasites often live in the environment. Remove carbon from filter and perform a small water change before treatment.


Other Protozoan Parasites


Copepods: Lice and Anchor worms


General Symptoms: Redness on fins or body. Sores that are red or white, fungus looking white growth.

Generally: Test the water. Remove affected fish to a cycled Hospital Tank. If there are open sores clean areas with iodine or 3% hydrogen peroxide and apply a coat of triple antibiotic ointment. Add a small amount of salt to the water (0.1% solution, 1 tsp per gallon). Our preferred antibiotics are injectable antibiotics (however, you will need a vet to prescribe), medicated food (e.g. Medi-Gold or Metromed). Tricide Neo dip (sources: PondRx, PondDoc, Aquatic Eco-Systems, etc) is also very effective against bacterial pathogens.



Ulcers and Sores


Other Goldie Health Issues


Floating or Flipping

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