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Goldfish Basics
By Liv

Do not overstock
The first basic rule to healthy fish is NOT to overstock. Use at least 10 gallons of water per goldfish, more for commons and comets.

Plan for the Future
He may look like a tiny thing but goldfish live long lives and grow continuously. You need to cover the tank as goldfish may jump

If you take care of the water, the water will take care of the fish

Goldfish are living beings and need oxygen

Goldfish have preferences

Goldfish are creatures of habit. Keep things stable

Goldfish tanks should be about goldfish

Goldfish are omnivours and need good varied food to be healthy and happy

Plan for the unexpected

Be the best veterinarian you can

Thus plenty of water, generous space, regular water maintenance and good healthy food and your goldie should enjoy a long happy life with you

Last but not least: Enjoy your fish!


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