Goldfish and Aquarium Board Gel Food Recipes
Gel Food Recipe (mackerel and greens)
By Betty

This recipe makes about 5 cups gel food. Note. I also added around 5 heaping tablepoons of mazuri gel powder to mine which isn't reflected in the nutritional breakout below.


Add 3.5 cups water to blender. Place the calcium, vitamin C and the multivitamin in to soak.

Add mackerel, paprika, clay and veggies to blender. Blend well.

For sinking food

For floating food:

Refrigerate until set.

Cut into squares. I leave out a week's worth of gel in a plastic zipper bag and store in the refrigerator. The rest I freeze between layers of plastic wrap. When frozen, I store in the freezer in ziplock bags (each holding about a week of food). You can make layers thicker than 1/4 inch and then slice it up before you feed it.

Nutritional Breakout per 10 grams food
63% Total protein (1.2 grams)
-18% Protein from fish (0.2 grams)
10% Fat (0.18 grams)
6% Ash (0.1 grams)
22% Carbohydrate (0.4 grams)
-12% Fiber (0.2 grams)
-5% Sugars (0.1 grams)
-5% Complex (0.1 grams)

7.5 Calories per 10 g food

21.9 mg Calcium, Ca, RDA=50mg
0.4 mg Iron, Fe, RDA=1mg
2.3 mg Magnesium, Mg, RDA=5mg
10 mg Phosphorus, P, RDA=70mg
21.85 mg Potassium, K, RDA=30mg
9 mg Sodium, Na, RDA=30mg
0.28 mg Zinc, Zn, RDA=1mg
0.08 mg Copper, Cu, RDA=40mg
0.06 mg Manganese, Mn, RDA=0.5mg
4.1 mcg Selenium, Se

5.6 mg Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid, RDA=1mg
0.07 mg Thiamin, RDA=0.2mg
0.09 mg Riboflavin, RDA=0.2mg
0.59 mg Niacin, RDA=1.5mg
0.17 mg Pantothenic acid, RDA=0.5mg
0.11 mg Vitamin B-6, RDA=0.2mg
12.6 mcg Folate, total, RDA=50mcg
0.38 mcg Vitamin B-12
293.2 IU Vitamin A, IU, RDA=40IU
0.14 mg Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), RDA=1mg
9.79 IU Vitamin D
15.2 mcg Vitamin K (phylloquinone)

Fatty Acids (*=Essential)
0.04 g Saturated Fats
0.05 g Unsaturated fats
0.06 g Omega 3 linolenic acid *
0.02 g Omega 6 linoleic acid
1.1 mg Cholesterol

Amino Acids (*=Essential)
0.01 g Tryptophan *
0.02 g Threonine *
0.03 g Isoleucine *
0.04 g Leucine *
0.06 g Lysine *
0.04 g Methionine *
0.01 g Cystine
0.02 g Phenylalanine *
0.03 g Tyrosine
0.03 g Valine *
0.04 g Arginine *
0.06 g Histidine *
0.03 g Alanine
0.1 g Aspartic acid
0.1 g Glutamic acid
0.09 g Glycine
0.16 g Proline
0.11 g Serine

137.5 mcg Beta Carotene
1.9 mcg Alpha Carotene
3.3 mcg Cryptoxanthin, beta
6.9 mcg Lycopene
274.1 mcg Lutein + zeaxanthin
423.6 mcg Total Carotenes

Nutrition data for the foods above was pulled from the USDA Nutrient Database.

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