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Swim Bladder Pictures from Necropsies
By Betty

Here are some pics of swim bladders from various necropsies.

Lumpy (Moor)

He came home with us in May 2003 as a little one from Petsmart. By November 2004, he was losing his buoyancy. By August 2005, he was a bottom dweller. Commercial food would give him gas and he'd go belly up. He didn't do that when fed home made and fresh foods. He died in November 2005.
Some nice Lumpy Pics
Lumpy's Necropsy
Rec's analysis of Lumpy's post mortem
Internal Anatomy Article

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Stripe (ryunkin)

Stripe was a Petsmart goldie we brought home in March 2004. Stripe dropsied and died September, 2006. He did not have buoyancy issues.

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Gizmo (ryunkin)

I bought Gizmo with Stripe from Petsmart in March 2004. Gizmo failed to thrive and died. He did not have buoyancy issues until he was dying. Here's a summary of Gizmo's health problems and necropsy.

Gizmo only had the cranial swim bladder lobe.

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Fatty (oranda)

I adopted a group of sick orandas from a local club member, he had been "saving healthy orandas from sick tanks at Walmart". Here's the thread on it. He lived less than a month, ended with popeye and died soon afterwards. He did not have buoyancy issues.

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Bugsy (moor)

Bugsy lost his buoyancy July 2006. He was tilty to one side at first. Abdomen looked a bit larger on the higher/right side as well. His caudal peduncle was curved sideways. He recovered, but with no buoyancy. I kept him in a sling during the days, at nite he was on his side. Bugsy died Nov 2007.

Necropsy pics/info thread here.

Two swim bladder lobes were present but they're both shriveled up, the walls are between a quarter and an eighth of an inch thick. Maybe a tiny bit of air inside.

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